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Viral Tineco iFloor3 Floor Cleaner: Review After 3 Months

Earlier this year, the Tineco iFloor3 got so much attention. Everyone was raving about how amazing this floor cleaner was. After looking it up myself, I could see why. This thing looked amazing! If it could actually vacuum and mop at the same time and clean itself, it would be magical!

I absolutely dread cleaning my floors. So if there is any sort of short cut, trick, name it-I'll try it!

Then I saw the price tag....$300?! I have a Dyson and had just bought a really nice steam cleaner a couple months I just could not justify it. I went back and forth on buying it. It sat in my amazon cart for 4 months.

Then, as I was scoping out all that Amazon Prime 2021 had to offer, I came across the iFloor3! And it was $100 OFF!! So I bought it! And, sitting here 3 months later, I am so happy I bought it!


Included in the box:

  • iFloor3 vacuum

  • Cleaning solution

  • Roller brush

  • HEPA filter x2

  • Charging base

  • 3-in-1 cleaning tool



Set Up: Pretty simple and quick

  1. Fill clean water tank with water and 1 cap full of cleaning solution

  2. Press power button and go

Clean Up: Not terrible, but there's more steps than implied.

  1. Once finished cleaning, empty the dirty water tank (which will be super disgusting btw). You have to make sure to get all the bits and stuff out, otherwise there's a chance the cleaning cycle will not finish.

  2. Return vacuum to dock station and press the self clean button. The cycle takes around 1 minute. (I use this time to put my house back together: put all the chairs, rugs, decor back where it goes.)

  3. Once complete, remove the roller brush and dirty tank. Also grab your 3-in-1 tool and head to the sink.

  4. Make sure no hair is wrapped around your brush by using the sharp tool to scrape your brush.

  5. Remove the filter and run under water using the brush to clean.

  6. Empty and clean the tank, including the lid and pieces inside. (I spray everything down with my Force of Nature spray once done to disinfect)

  7. Then replace the brush, filter, and tool to their spots on the docking station to air dry.



  1. "Multi-surface cleaning for any messes"

  2. I have only used this on tile floors, but I have seen many reviews done on wood floors and the results are the same...amazing. Everything I have put in front of the iFloor3, is gone-which says a lot since I have 2 kids.

  3. "Vacuum and mop in one step"

  4. YES! This has been such a game changer for me! It has cut my cleaning time by more than half without sacrificing on quality.

  5. "Cordless and portable: 25 minutes of battery life"

  6. Cordless is night and day difference from corded cleaning. Since owning this, I am completely cord-free and have no plans of going back.

  7. I use the iFloor3 for a solid 20 continuous minutes weekly and notice no drop in power. It stays on it the whole time.

  8. "Powerful suction and ultra-quiet operation"

  9. The suction is right on par with my Dyson V8

  10. I don't think I would say it is "ultra-quiet" and I also wouldn't say it is loud. It is quieter than my Dyson V8.

  11. "Easy, hands-free Self-Cleaning"

  12. Not quite. Easy, yes. But by "hands-free self-cleaning" they mean, it will clean the roller brush, which is nice because if you do not have a clean brush, it is pointless to clean your floors with it. But as described above in the clean up process, there are more steps you have to do to actually clean the unit each time.

  13. "Self-propelled & swivel steering"

  14. This is a great touch, especially for someone who has shoulder issues. You do not have to push at all. It isn't joking when it says self-propelled.

  15. The swivel steering aids in the ease of use. It takes minimal effort to navigate.

  16. "Multi-functional docking station"

  17. The OCD side of me really appreciates this docking station. Everything has its place, which makes me really happy. The roller brush, filter, and 3-in-1 tool each have their own spot to sit and dry after use. And it automatically charges when placed on it.

  18. "Fast Dry"

  19. This solution does dry really fast. Your first pass is dry by pass 3 or 4.

  20. "Tap Water with Tineco Cleaning Solution"

  21. Just another reason why I love this. You can just use the water from your sink to fill this up!

  22. However, this brings up another point: You can't use your own cleaner.

  23. You will read several times throughout the instruction manual that it is highly recommended to only use their cleaning solution in order to maintain proper care for the machine. After thinking about it, the fact that you can use tap water may be the reason they stress to only use their cleaning solution. I'm sure it has some ingredient that helps with the build up from using tap water.

  24. When asked about their cleaning solution, Tineco did say it sanitizes, is pet/kid-friendly, eco-friendly, and contains NO dyes, heavy metals, or phosphates.



I know the iFloor3 is an investment, but I think it is worth every penny, especially if you are responsible for cleaning your home. It allows you to save so much time. And the best part is that your floors will probably be just as clean if not cleaner that before.


  • Although it is possible, I would not recommend this being your only vacuum. For my daily messes I need to vacuum, I use my Dyson V8. The iFloor3 I use only for my weekly clean.

  • The same goes for a mop/floor cleaner. I recommend getting a cheap Swiffer or microfiber-type mop (here's what I use) for small, more frequent messes. For me, it would be a pain to have to go through the whole clean up process for a little mess.

  • While cleaning, you can raise the handle to the lock position and the vacuum with turn off in a pause state, then once you lower the handle back down, it will turn back on. (I use this feature a lot when having to move toys or random things that pop up out of no where)




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