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Amazon Best Selling Kitchen Sponges & Brushes Put To The Test

Updated: Aug 17, 2021


A good sponge or dish brush can take some of the stinky-ness (pun intended) out of washing dishes. So, I set out to find the best of the best.

*Disclaimer: I am not a sponge person - I never have been. I believe dish brushes are far superior. Therefore, I enlisted some help when testing these bad boys out so this review is as unbiased as possible.



The products were tested on routine daily dishes (cups, silverware, plates, pots & pans...), cooked eggs in pan, stuck on casserole dish, and stuck on peanut butter.



#1: OXO Good Grips Dish Brush: $5.99

#2: Scrub Daddy: $6.99



#8: Scotch-Brite Non-Scratch Scrub Sponges: $6.64 (9pk: $0.74 each)

Cleaning Score: 3 - Just your basic sponge. It got most of the food off but required some elbow grease.

Pros: Cheap, holds soap well.

Cons: Smells after about a week, dishes with food stuck on required assistance from other tools (scraper or brush), food bits got stuck in sponge.

Would I buy: No

#7: Miracle Microfiber Kitchen Sponge: $10.99 (6pk: $1.83 each)

Cleaning Score: 3 - I liked the mesh and microfiber sides, but it is better used for cleaning surfaces rather dishes.

Pros: Machine washable, microfiber side is nice for cleaning pretty much any surface, holds soap well.

Cons: Expensive, food gets stuck in mesh pockets, doesn't do good for cleaning dishes with food stuck on.

Would I buy: No

#6: Full Circle Bubble Up Ceramic Soap Dispenser & Bamboo Brush: $12.99

Cleaning Score: 4 - Very aesthetically pleasing, but bristles are too stiff.

Pros: Great for cleaning cast iron or your sink, looks nice out on countertop.

Cons: Expensive, bubble action doesn't really work & makes a mess, bristles are too stiff so it makes it difficult to clean most dishes-it more so scratches the food off rather than washes, doesn't hold soap well.

Would I buy: No

#5: O-Cedar Multi-Use Scrunge Sponge: $16.99 (12pk, $1.42 each)

Cleaning Score: 4 - Cleans well, but left me wanting more.

Pros: Scrub side is good at scrubbing stuck on food without scratching your dishes, holds soap well.

Cons: Although it got most of the stuck on food off, I still had to use other tools, smells after about a week.

Would I buy: No

#4: Mr. Siga Soap Dispensing Dish Brush: $12.98

Cleaning Score: 6 - It did well cleaning all the flat and open spots of the dishes. It had issues with the smaller/tighter spots. The scraper did come in handy though.

Pros: Comes with a stand, brush pops off to be washed in dishwasher or swapped out for a new one, has the option for soap to be dispensed, has a scraper built in at the top.

Cons: Doesn't hold soap well, soap doesn't dispense evenly or consistently, doesn't get in narrow spots.

Would I buy: Yes (I used this brush for 2 years)

#3: Nile Home Soap Dispensing Dish Brush: $9.99

Cleaning Score: 6 - I was so excited when I found this one. I was sure this would be the winner for me. Sadly, other than it being aesthetically pleasing, and having all the attachments, there isn't anything too special about it.

Pros: Attachments, scraper on top, soap dispenses pretty even, looks good on your counter, you can clean pretty much anything in your kitchen, well priced.

Cons: Overall cleaning was average, the attachments are the wow factor.

Would I buy: No

#2: Scrub Daddy: $6.99

Cleaning Score: 8 - If I were to use a sponge, this would be the one I would use.

Pros: Rough but non-scratch surface gets mostly everything off, holds soap well, holds up well after washing in dishwasher, doesn't develop smell as fast as the other sponges.

Cons: Pricey, starts to fall apart after a lot of use.

Would I buy: If I were to use a sponge - Yes

#1: OXO Good Grips Dish Brush: $5.99

Cleaning Score: 9 - Very unassuming, but don't let that fool you. This is by far, the best dish brush I have used.

Pros: Cheap, bristles have the perfect give & resistance that allows you to clean just about anything, has a scraper on top for stuck on foods, the handle is longer which allows you to keep your hands dry while washing, bristles do not hold food bits.

Cons: None for me

Would I buy: Yes!

Honorable Mentions

I couldn't leave these guys out. Washing dishes would not be the same without them.

Magic Washing Scrubbers: $5.59

If you have not used these-get them. I hopped on bandwagon late for these... boy was I missing out!

Secura Premium Touchless Automatic Soap Dispenser: $23.73

Hack: Put your dish soap in here for easy access. And if you buy the antibacterial dish soap, it doubles as hand soap.


What are your go to dishwashing gadgets?

Leave a comment below letting me know your thoughts, recommendations, or requests.

*Amazon links are affiliate links and I do get a small commission off purchases. Thank you for your support*

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