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The Small Kitchen Appliance That Everyone Should Own: Power XL Air Fryer Combo Review

Updated: Aug 17, 2021







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$149.97 for standard

$179.97 for deluxe


  • Glass Lid

  • Inner Pot

  • Grill Plate

  • Recipe Book

You can opt for the Deluxe which has additional accessories for $179.97. It includes all of the above plus:

When you add all those up, it's not a bad deal for only an extra $30. I was not aware of the deluxe package when purchasing mine. Now that I have seen the mesh/frying basket, I will definitely be purchasing one. Out of all of the additional accessories the mesh/frying basket is the only one I would say is a must (here's why).


  1. Air fry

  2. Slow cook

  3. Steam

  4. Sauté

  5. Grill

  6. Bake

  7. Roast

  8. Rice

  9. Simmer

  10. Sous Vide

  11. Fry

  12. Keep Warm



  1. It truly is a 12 in 1. All 12 functions do their job, some better than others, but still an accurate claim.

  2. The inner pot is insanely non stick.

  3. Air fryer is awesome. Most foods only have to air fry for around 10 minutes and come out crisp & moist. This is a game changer for fried take out!

  4. The inner pot is a really nice size, and can fit most things, even a roast.

  5. The slow cook and sauté functions are nice for doing any kind of slow cook on meat. You can sear your meat first on the sauté function, then easily switch it to the slow cook.

  6. I used the bake or roast function on a daily basis. It is a mini convection oven that does such a great job cooking your food. If I am roasting veggies, it's in this.

  7. The sous vide function is great for beginners. It has presets built in for you, so it makes the whole process really simple. If sous vide is something you like, I would recommend buying a separate one though. But this is a great way to test it out. Here's the one I use

  8. I have used the keep warm function a few times and it has really come in handy. It does great for making queso.


  1. Air frying is difficult when doing small foods like french fries or tots since there isn't a basket (if you get the standard). The mesh/fry basket accessory is a must if you plan to air fry often.

  2. I am not a big fan of the grill. It does an ok job. I didn't get any grill marks on my food. I wasn't too disappointed because it is nearly impossible for it to be a true grill. The heating element is way too far from the grill plate. The plate does get hot, but don't buy this if you plan to use it as a grill.


  • The steam and rice function are nice to have if you do not already own a steamer or rice cooker. They do their job, but I prefer my steamer & rice cooker.

  • I haven't really found a use for the simmer function, but I suppose it would be good for caramelizing onions, or making a broth or soup.

  • The fry function is not meant for deep frying -just to clear that up. It states in the instruction manual it is only meant for a shallow fry. I have not used this function. We normally do not fry things and if we do it's a full on deep fry.


Is it worth the money? Oh yea! I am not exaggerating when I say I use this daily. It has a permanent spot on my counter top. For me, the real winners are the air frying and roasting functions. And the other functions have come in handy when I needed them. You won't be disappointed.

*This is not a sponsored review. I am NOT being paid in any way to review this product*

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