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How To Buy Sheets: Amazon Best Sellers Tested

So it turns out, I knew nothing about sheets before this. I had no idea about all the different materials and how different they really were from each other. When I went to buy all the sheets to test out, I didn't even pay attention to the material and bought all microfiber sheets! **embarrassing** Now, I've done my research and know the basics of sheet buying.

One other thing... while doing my research, I found there are so many different materials/fabrics and weaves out there today. I decided to just focus on the most popular and OG fabrics and weaves.

Before you go out and buy your next set, read on to see which material fits your needs best.








Amazon Best Seller: California Design Den Store 400 Thread Count 100% Cotton Sheet Set : $59.99

  • 4.6/5 stars out of 46,574 reviews

  • #1 in Flat Bed Sheets on Amazon

  • 400 TC

  • Sateen Weave

My Thoughts

Keeps both my husband and I so cool while still feeling cozy.


  • Breathable

  • Absorptive

  • Resistant to wear & tear

  • Smooth & pill-free

  • Gets softer the more you wash

  • Great for year-round use


  • Most costly (when compared to microfiber sheets)

  • May not be soft at first

  • Wrinkles easily

What To Look For When Buying:

  • Don't get too caught up in the TC. Experts say between 400-600 is ideal, since the higher the TC, the more fragile the fabric is.

  • Instead focus more on the fabric:

  • Combed, Egyptian, or Pima have extra-long fibers (50% longer than standard cotton) which results in a softer, stronger, and longer-lasting sheet.

  • Sateen vs Percale vs Linen:

  • Percale & Sateen tend to be a crowd favorite due to their softness and quality

  • They both have high-quality, long-staple cotton. The main difference between the two is their weave:

  • Percale has a matte finish and crisp feel and is perfect for warmer sleepers

  • Sateen is just about as close as you can get to satin--without the high cost and fragile nature of the fabric. It has a silky feel and luxurious sheen. Ideal for year-round use.

  • Linen is a casual, strong, and breathable. It gives you softness and durability and a less formal look. It is great for year-round use and all sleepers.



Amazon Best Seller: Bedsure 100% Bamboo Sheet Set: $62.99

  • 4.6/5 stars out of 28,975 reviews

  • #8 in Sheet & Pillowcase Sets on Amazon

  • 250 TC

  • Bamboo Viscose

  • Sateen Weave

My Thoughts

So soft and luxurious feeling, but did not keep me cool as consistently as the cotton sheets. Also, the top sheet would get so bunched up every night, which was annoying.


  • Silky soft

  • Lightweight

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Moisture wicking

  • Antibacterial properties

  • Deodorizing properties

  • Thermo-regulating

  • Durable

  • Lyocell bamboo sheets are non-toxic and more environmentally friendly when produced


  • Not as affordable as cotton

  • Wrinkles easily

  • Some say it does not keep you as cool as cotton

  • 100% rayon or viscose are very common but the least eco-friendly way to produce and can be damaging to the enviornment

What To Look For When Buying:

  • Similar to cotton, you shouldn't put all your focus on TC. Especially with bamboo. A 300 TC bamboo sheet set can be equal to a 1200 TC Egyptian cotton set.

  • You will find the TC ranging between 250-350

  • Bamboo sheets have 2 weaves: Sateen & Twill

  • Sateen, which is very luxurious feeling and looking. Super soft, silk-like feel and appearance.

  • Twill, is more durable with shorter weaves and some what resembles denim. It is crisper and is generally less expensive than sateen.



Amazon Best Seller: 1. HC Collection Sheet Set: $32.99

  • 4.5/5 stars out of 74,177 reviews

  • #25 in Sheet & Pillowcase Sets on Amazon

  • GSM: unknown

  • Double brushed

2. Mellanni Hotel Luxury Sheet Set: $32.27

  • 4.5/5 stars out of 253,360 reviews

  • #1 in Sheet & Pillowcase Sets & #1 in Kids' Sheet & Pillowcase Sets

  • GSM: 95

  • Double brushed

My Thoughts

Both were very soft and comfortable sheets, but they were so hot at night.

What is Microfiber

  • Very small and thin fibers woven together

  • Made out of a synthetic material, mostly polyester

  • TC does not apply--don't fall for the marketing scheme

  • Instead look for GSM: grams per square meter. The higher the GSM (100+) the stronger and more durable the sheets will be.

  • Look for a sheet set that is double brushed: meaning it is brushed on both sides. This will ensure you have the softest of soft sheets.


  • Affordable

  • Soft

  • Durable

  • Wrinkle-resistant

  • Easy to care for

  • Available in every color you can imagine


  • Not good for warm sleepers

  • Not breathable

  • May pill

  • Susceptible to oil stains

  • Not natural

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