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Battle Of The Blow Dryers: Amazon vs Shark vs Dyson

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Let me start by saying: Bookmark this page because this is an ongoing test. I will be updating as new results come in...

Everyone knows how amazing the Dyson blow dryer is. My question is if it's really worth the $$. Can I find one just as good? Probably not to be honest. But I really think I can find one that is almost as good for a fraction of the price. And that is what I am all about!

Here's how this test will go down:

1. Amazon Best Sellers

2. Shark HyperAIR vs Dyson

3. Top 2 Compete

Testing Process

Time it takes to dry





Overall Score (10 being the best)

Will I Keep

*I have fine, long hair*


Round 1

Amazon Best Sellers

4. InfinitiPro by Conair 1875: $29.99

Rank: #5

Dry Time: 5 mins 30 seconds


  • Light weight, comfortable hold.


  • When set to the high air flow setting, it is sooooooo intense. It tangled my hair and created knots everywhere.

  • The low air flow setting is only warm, not hot even on the hot temperature setting.

  • No shine

Frizz: Yes, all over

Shine: None

Overall Score: 5

Will I Keep? No

3. Revlon Infrared Heat: $22.84

Rank: #2

Dry Time: 6 mins 30 seconds


  • Light weight, comfortable hold

  • Average blow dryer: nothing special, nothing terrible.


  • No specific cons, but it felt lacking in every category.

Frizz: Yes, especially at the ends

Shine: Minimal

Overall Score: 6

Will I Keep? No

2. Ionic Hair Dryer: $35.99

Rank: #7

Dry Time: 5 minutes 30 seconds


  • Cool setting is a button that you don't have to hold

  • Lightweight, comfortable hold

  • Good air flow without the concentrator nozzle.


  • None

Frizz: Minimal

Shine: Yes, medium

Overall Score: 7

Will I Keep? Possibly...stay tuned.

1. Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer: $22.28

Rank: #1

Dry Time: 12 minutes

Dry Time With Style: 15 minutes

Style Time On Unwashed Hair: 10 minutes


  • Surprisingly easy to use

  • Great volume

  • Works amazing to give life to your hair in between washes


  • Gets really hot, even cool setting is pretty warm.

  • Takes more time than I want to spend.

Frizz: NONE!

Shine: So much!

Overall Score: 9

Will I Keep? Yes. I can see why this got so much hype and has hundreds of thousands of reviews. It really is amazing.


Round 2

Shark vs Dyson

Shark HyperAIR: $199.99

sometimes the Shark website has good deals so check here too

Dry Time: 3 minutes....yes


  • Lightweight

  • Quiet (sounds almost identical to Dyson)

  • Auto heat and air flow setting

  • Comfortable to hold

  • Crazy fast blow dry

  • Concentrator has 2 settings to get even more control when styling

  • Diffuser is huge


  • Attachments are a disappointment. I would not recommend buying them

  • The Styling Brush

  • Pros: crazy amount of shine, would be good for someone with really thick, curly or voluminous hair

  • Cons: took all volume out of my hair

  • IQ Air Wave

  • Pros: none

  • Cons:

  • Does not work within a reasonable amount of time. I held my hair in for 1 minute and it was barely wavy.

Frizz: None

Shine: Yes

Overall: 8

3. Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer: $399.99

Dry Time: 3 mins 30 seconds


  • Lightweight

  • Comfortable to hold

  • Quiet

  • Auto adjusting heat and flow

  • Fast blow dry


  • Price price price

  • Attachments (flyaway, gentle air, wide-tooth comb, diffuser) are ok, not anything special

Frizz: None

Shine: Yes

Overall: 6



Noise: Tie

Weight: Technically Shark, but it isn't a noticeable enough difference to matter (1.65lbs vs 1.8)

Comfort: Tie

Price: Shark: $220 difference

Attachments: Dyson

Dry Time: Shark by 30 seconds

Frizz: Tie

Shine: Tie


SHARK! These are way too similar to pay an extra $220 for no significant gain.


Coming Up:


Shark vs Revlon vs Ionic Hair Dryer

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