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9 Thanksgiving Traditions To Try This Year

Traditions are a big part of what makes the holidays feel so special since we only do these things during this time.

My family isn't big on traditions, but I have always wanted to have them. So now that I have my own family, I have been trying to figure out what our traditions will be.

Here are the top 9 traditions.


1. Keepsake Tablecloth

Instead of using a thanksgiving themed tablecloth, use butcher paper or craft paper as the tablecloth. Ask your guests to write what they are thankful for on paper. Bonus: it will also keep the kids entertained.

I am not sure if I will do this one. So the idea is to keep it and bring it out the next year, and the next... I like the idea, but I don't think it is realistic. I mean, food is definitely going to get spilled on it and I don't think I want to save that.

2. Big Brunch

Instead of doing breakfast, lunch, then the huge Thanksgiving dinner, do a big brunch instead. Some fun ideas are a bloody mary bar with savory garnishes like bacon, shrimp or lobster. A pancake bar with all the toppings -- super kid friendly. Chicken and waffles: always a win. And you can never go wrong with a breakfast casserole.

I will definitely do this one!

3. Serve Others Together

There are many options for this one:

  • Head down to your local food bank or reach out to a nearby church to see where you can go to help out.

  • Invite someone, or a family to your dinner.

  • Drop off a meal to someone who needs it. Or donate food to a shelter/food bank/church.

This is another great idea that I will do.

4. Personalized Place Cards

Pair people off (you can do this ahead of time or have everyone draw names out of a bucket) and have them write one thing they are thankful for or appreciate about that person. Then place it as the place cards on the table. Keep it a secret to see if everyone can guess where they sit.

I love this one! I think it is a much better alternative to the tablecloth one.

5. Gratitude Jar

Year to year: have each person write what they are thankful for. Before eating the meal, have everyone share what they wrote. Store it in a special jar to read the following year. You can make this into a game: Bring out the ones from the previous year and have each person randomly pick one. See if they can guess who it belongs to.

Another great one I will be adding!

6. Play Games

Dominoes, card games, charades, heads up...there are so many out there. Pick your favorites and play them. The idea is to spend quality time together, not sit around the TV.

Of all the traditions, I think this is the best. Spending quality time together is something I think we will all be very thankful for this year.

7. One New Dish

Add a new dish to your menu. Then vote on it to see if it gets to stay or gets nixed.

I love this idea! I already have my new dish picked out.

8. Family Pictures

Odds are you will be with the majority of your family, so this is the perfect opportunity to get a nice family picture. Plus, the scenery outside is ideal for pictures!

We actually already to this one! And will continue!

9. Be Present

Put. Down. Your. Phone/Computer/iPad. Be present with your loved ones. You can record the TV shows/football games to watch later. Time, quality time is something we cannot get back.


I hope you enjoyed this list and found some new traditions to add to your celebration. I hope your holiday season is full of love and laughter.

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